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Leveraging the power of social media for social good

Social media allows people to participate in whatever way the can to help make a difference. Continue reading

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The cycle of compromise

The new rules around business and crisis communications in the age of social media freak a lot of business types out. Because if you’re in business, social media means you no longer control the message. It’s open season, so hiding … Continue reading

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Four and 20 blackbirds – Bring Tweets To Your Content (via News)

Check out this new wordpress feature to integrate tweeting and blogging. As a relative newcomer to the potential of twitter, I think I’ll be using this tool a lot. Have you ever wanted to quote or share a tweet but … Continue reading

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Having remote fun at the non-political political rally

What moves you? Fear, fun or something else? Answer today’s poll and help a PR person get a new job. Continue reading

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Politics gets sexy

Here’s some interesting fodder for political science students. A new study suggests there’s a link between pornography and support for the winning political party. Maybe post-secondary education institutes should be mixing sociology and political science a little more often… Seriously, … Continue reading

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Say something, do something, refer something every day

I decided to start Sign in Black to make a personal commitment to myself. Here I will post, refer, report and provide unsolicited advice. Beware. I intend to have a lot of fun, discover what I know, learn a lot … Continue reading

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