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It’s good to spread good ideas

Just a short post to share a very creative idea from a PR pro in Australia. Social media dishes up both challenges and opportunties for PR professionals. For better, social-friendly media relations, here’s a simple idea to leverage the opportunity … Continue reading

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Leveraging the power of social media for social good

Social media allows people to participate in whatever way the can to help make a difference. Continue reading

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Lessons in social media planning from Sesame Street

Getting your groove in social media takes planning. But like the saying goes, you probably learned everything you need to know about social media in Kindergarten. Continue reading

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Word-o-rama: time to purge 2010 slang

Very few slang words have staying power. Which ones would you vote to keep from your generation? Continue reading

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The cycle of compromise

The new rules around business and crisis communications in the age of social media freak a lot of business types out. Because if you’re in business, social media means you no longer control the message. It’s open season, so hiding … Continue reading

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Having remote fun at the non-political political rally

What moves you? Fear, fun or something else? Answer today’s poll and help a PR person get a new job. Continue reading

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Politics gets sexy

Here’s some interesting fodder for political science students. A new study suggests there’s a link between pornography and support for the winning political party. Maybe post-secondary education institutes should be mixing sociology and political science a little more often… Seriously, … Continue reading

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