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The cycle of compromise

The new rules around business and crisis communications in the age of social media freak a lot of business types out. Because if you’re in business, social media means you no longer control the message. It’s open season, so hiding … Continue reading

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The risk of spin

Don’t risk it! Reputation is the gold standard in government or business. Continue reading

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The decline of customer service

At the risk of sounding old-fashioned, is it too much to expect regulated service providers to act like they’re dealing with people? Or at least to do what they commit to doing? I don’t think so. Companies — especially large … Continue reading

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Plan that PR stunt

Noise, noise, noise. It’s hard to get attention these days for your ideas or product. But not all attention is worthwhile… I found a story in this morning’s news that describes using a well-timed illusion to raise awareness about driving … Continue reading

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Back to basics: defining public relations

Is PR just spin? Continue reading

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