klout in real life

OMG - it's knitted!

When it comes to mother-love, there are few things more authentic and personal than a hand-made, knitted dress.

 Unfortunately, in virtually any decade after the automobile was invented, there’s pretty much nothing in the world that will ruin your chances of personal klout in real life than a polyester knit dress worn in tandem with your younger sisters at the same bad-ass school.

Talk about killing chances for your kid to survive the new playground equipment in East Van; in 1970s Vancouver, I had a Klout score so low, the number hadn’t yet been discovered, let alone explored in math class.

And while I sort of — kind of — get what mom was trying to achieve all those hours she spent knitting dresses that delved really deeply to discover the relationship between Zellers Polyester blue and personal hell, I’m sure she never quite understood the implications.

When we’re young, confidence and acceptance is important. When we’re older, it’s pretty much a required asset if we’re going to make our way in the world for ourselves and those who depend on us.

Confidence isn’t easy, no matter how you come by the clothes on your back. But it’s absolutely the key to personal ‘Klout’. 

So try to surround yourself with people who would rather die than see you squander your potential, focus on opportunities that stretch your imagination and tell everyone else to check their head (games). Life’s too damn short.


About signinblack

PR specialist good at what I do, but with a regular-sized ego. Inspired by the human condition, politics, philosophy, good books, craft, technology and people with integrity.
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