Word-o-rama: time to purge 2010 slang

Attention, Generation #

Is it so much to ask for some 80s clarity in 2011?  Meh is still relatively funky and flexible, but I’m (like totally) cheering the demise of ‘epic’ and ‘fail’.

If everything is epic then nothing is special. The term has no nuance. Fail, though descriptive and widely applicable to virtually any situation, is equally limited – you either fail or succeed and that’s that.

In the 80s, a situation, person or thing could be ‘grody’ or so bad it merited ‘gag me with a spoon’ . Even ‘far out’ gives you a visual. But epic? It’s grody to the max.

We need something short, sweet and flexible for 2011. What would you keep? What do you want consigned to the trashbin forever? Taking your amazing and messed up suggestions in my comments section…


About signinblack

PR specialist good at what I do, but with a regular-sized ego. Inspired by the human condition, politics, philosophy, good books, craft, technology and people with integrity.
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