The decline of customer service

At the risk of sounding old-fashioned, is it too much to expect regulated service providers to act like they’re dealing with people? Or at least to do what they commit to doing? I don’t think so.

Companies — especially large ones — still struggle to provide the basic service their customers expect, and to do it with a bit of humanity.

Recently, I moved and planned it the usual way — by contacting companies in advance to move my services. Though I was assured that a visit would not be necessary to install the services (we kept the same phone number), upon our arrival, the jacks weren’t functional.

I used my cell phone to contact their customer service centre twice. Both times I spent more than 20 minutes on hold for an agent. Each promised to return my call on the cell phone when they could sort out the issue. It didn’t happen.

I had to use chat technical support at 4 a.m. to resolve the issue and finally get a trouble ticket number. I’ve yet to see anyone come to the door, but they have until 5 pm tomorrow. And of course, I have to be here all day, just in case they need to come in.

These stories are common enough, I know. Before competition existed, it might even have been worse. But customers are no longer forced to be silent. They are just a few clicks away from making their dissatisfaction public.


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PR specialist good at what I do, but with a regular-sized ego. Inspired by the human condition, politics, philosophy, good books, craft, technology and people with integrity.
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