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An oily debate

A perfect storm.
Debate is heating up on the subject of oil sands development in Alberta. Both sides are claiming their science is valid. What are the options from a PR perspective? Continue reading

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Communicating with First Nations communities

One recent challenge of my last job was to find ways to communicate complex ideas to several small First Nations communities. While the legal obligations for governments and business to consult with First Nations people are increasing, in many ways … Continue reading

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The decline of customer service

At the risk of sounding old-fashioned, is it too much to expect regulated service providers to act like they’re dealing with people? Or at least to do what they commit to doing? I don’t think so. Companies — especially large … Continue reading

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What’s the difference between members and internal stakeholders?

It’s hard to plan five years out for what’s next in social media. But a one-year plan, measured carefully, should start with an outlook. Here’s a pretty good article on the future of social media.

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Plan that PR stunt

Noise, noise, noise. It’s hard to get attention these days for your ideas or product. But not all attention is worthwhile… I found a story in this morning’s news that describes using a well-timed illusion to raise awareness about driving … Continue reading

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Back to basics: defining public relations

Is PR just spin? Continue reading

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