Should corporations embrace social media?

A lot of managers want to know whether it’s ‘worth’ the time and money to embrace new communications technologies.

Here are a few points for managers to consider before jumping in:

  • Regardless of the forum (traditional or online communications) being part of a dialogue about issues that matter to stakeholders is critical for communications excellence.
  • Begin by monitoring what’s being said about your services/product/brand.
  • Determine in advance what you want to achieve, who you want to reach and what messages you’re going to deliver.
  • The only way to prepare and mitigate damage in a crisis is to anticipate where you’re vulnerable. If you decide to jump in, it won’t all be good news.
  • Social media is not a media conference – attempts to control the message almost always backfire (actually, that’s often true in traditional communications, but there’s generally more time to plan your strategy and deliver your response).
  • Authentic, honest communication is critical: greenwashing and spin don’t work in this forum. You have to walk the talk to deliver the right message and build trust.
  • Do some risk management ahead of time to determine where you’re most vulnerable. Develop a com plan to deal with the ones that go to the core of your business.
  • If a stunt isn’t a good idea in traditional¬† media, it’s not a good idea online either (at least without engaging in some solid risk management).
  • Bloggers tend to tune in earlier than traditional media; if you’re doing good environmental scanning, you’ll pick up the rumbling earlier and already be talking, thinking and planning to deal with the issue before it hits the airwaves.
  • Drive engagement by thinking about what motivates your stakeholders.

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